Biogas Upgrading

Ivys Adsorption’s rotary valve and highly efficient proprietary adsorbent systems are the two core technology differentiators built into each advanced biogas upgrading plant, providing considerable CAPEX and OPEX cost savings.

  • Maximized Revenue. Improved Profitability. High recovery combined with the reliability of our biogas upgrading solution and our low operating costs generate significantly more profit than any competing technology.
  • High Reliability. Xebec by Ivys PSAs have accumulated over 15 million hours of commercial operation with proven availabilities surpassing 99.8%.
  • Ease of Installation. Ivys Adsorption delivers modularized, skidded and containerized units for simple, fast installation.
  • Lowest Power Consumption. Xebec by Ivys’s low-pressure PSA operation and advanced control systems provide one of the lowest possible power consumptions levels in biogas upgrading.

Compare the key features of Xebec by Ivys’s biogas upgrading solutions with other available technologies:

Comparison Xebec by Ivys PSA Other PSAs Water Scrubber Amine Scrubber Membrane
Removes CO2
Removes N2 & O2 (partially)
Delivers high methane recovery
Keeps operating & maintenance costs low
No water, chemicals or solvents are added
Economical in wide range of flows
Easy to operate
Delivers reliable & consistent life performance
Environmentally friendly
Produces high-purity biomethane
Quick start-up


Xebec by Ivys’s Biostream upgrading solution is a new product offering one of the most reliable and low-cost performance systems for upgrading biogas on the market.


Ivys Adsorption has conceptualized containerized and automated Biostream units, which generate renewable natural gas (biomethane) from biogas. This biogas comes from the anaerobic digestion of waste materials in municipal landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and anaerobic digesters processing agricultural and industrial organic wastes.

The Biostream unit has a capacity of 55 to 140 SCFM (90 to 225 NCMH) while the Biostream+ unit has a capacity of 55 to 280 SCFM (90 to 450 NCMH), allowing them to convert biogas into 97%+ pure biomethane, with 98.5%+ methane recovery. These units can be installed and run in parallel for higher capacities with greater flexibility and redundancy.

These innovative and scalable small-scale Biostream units consume significantly less energy when converting biogas to RNG, which supports our clients’ goal to contribute to the worldwide investment in clean energy while enhancing project profitability.

Project Management

Ivys Adsorption’s approach to project management is to consider each project as a distinct entity, integrating all components involved in the project and viewing it from a holistic perspective.

Guided by our Project Management Office, we provide extensive industry experience with a comprehensive set of project management processes, techniques and tools. We gather, assess and understand the clients’ priorities and leverage our extensive experience to plan and implement each phase efficiently, with a focus on cost, scheduling, quality and safety.

We believe that successfully managing our overall performance through this client-focused and holistic approach will allow Ivys Adsorption to achieve its goals of superior service and long-term partnerships.

Service, Maintenance
& Operational Support

To ensure total client satisfaction, Ivys Adsorption offers aftermarket service and maintenance contracts tailored to customer requirements. We provide:

  • Service and Maintenance Activities
  • On-Call Support – Troubleshooting
  • Unplanned Corrective Intervention
  • Emergency Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Supply of Consumables
  • Training in General Plant Operation and Operator Training