HyGear supplies industrial hydrogen and nitrogen gas in bulk quantities. By combining advanced on-site generation technologies with conventional gas distribution methods, Hygear offers a more cost-effective and reliable gas supply. To further reduce costs, its Hy.REC technology can be installed to recycle the spent gases from the process.

HyGear is not a conventional
gas supplier

HyGear is not a conventional gas supplier. Hygear does it differently, better and focus on the customers’ needs. That is why HyGear has strong references worldwide and will keep on growing. Its partnership approach with the customer gives Hygear the ability to design, engineer and construct the most optimal supply system for its clients. Together with its customer, HyGear defines the best gas supply, mixing and storage method.


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HyGear supplies hydrogen in the most affordable and reliable way, by combining its flexible on-site production technologies with traditional gas distribution. Based on the required quantity, quality and location of the end-user, HyGear will provide the most cost-effective and reliable solution for the customer.

Hydrogen gas is mostly used in the industry to create a reductive atmosphere or used as energy carrier in fuel cell applications. Hydrogen can be applied in various industries, processes and applications, such as float glass production, metal treatment, semiconductor production, food hydrogenation, chemical processes and fuel cell cars.


Nitrogen gas is used in various industrial applications. The most common is using nitrogen as an inert gas. HyGear offers nitrogen gas in various qualities and quantities, depending on the customer’s needs.

Nitrogen can be applied in various industries, processes, and applications, such as float glass production, metal treatment, semiconductor production, chemical processes and the oil and gas industry.

Mixed Gas

Many industries use a combination of multiple gases in their production process. HyGear offers customer specific on-site gas generation and mixing. This is more reliable and cost effective than conventional mixed gas supply by premixed cylinders.



HyGear supplies mixtures of hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen gas, using on-site generation technologies in combination with an advanced gas mixing station. Together with the customer, Hygear designs the most reliable and cost-effective supply solution to provide the most reliable and cost-effective total gas supply solution.


HyGear supplies industrial gases using advanced energy and cost-saving technologies. Hygear products are either offered as stand-alone systems or as part of an integrated package of solutions, including the entire gas mixing and delivery system tailored to the customers’ needs.

HyGear Gas-as-a-Service (GaaS) contracts show a close resemblance to any other normal supply agreement. The customer does not have to worry about the continuous supply and only gets charged for the contracted volumes of gas. The reason why it is call “a service” is that its supply method goes further than just delivery. HyGear secures back-up and peak supply with its trailers and partners in the engineering of the integration of the gas supply system in the overall plant or application.

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