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Xebec’s experts are passionate about renewable energy and waste upgrading. The clean economy is the opportunity of a lifetime; make a difference in the world by exploring how you can fight climate change with us.

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    An Innovative Environment

    Xebec provides an environment defined by its innovative and goal-oriented mission by:


    • Developing and implementing new technology
    • Creating new partnerships with experts in the clean energy market
    • Expanding its already strong client base


    This leads Xebec to constantly offer its employees opportunities for:

    • Rapid career advancements
    • Stimulating expertise development
    • Strong community impact

    A Culture of Respect, Trust and Teamwork

    Xebec values a culture of respect, trust and teamwork. To foster this challenging and enjoyable work environment, we:

    • Reinforce employee decision-making
    • Promote clear communication
    • Facilitate flexible work schedules
    • Value inclusion, equality and equity
    • Are committed to supporting work-life balance

    Perks and Benefits

    Xebec helps its employees find meaningful motivation in their work. It provides them with interpersonal and workplace support, complemented by a series of perks and benefits:

    • Stock purchasing plan
    • Competitive salaries
    • Effective recognition and superior reward systems
    • Career advancement opportunities
    • RRSP and DPSP contributions
    • Health-related insurance
    • Planet positivity
    • Disability and life insurance package
    • Paid time off
    • Social activities paid for by the employer
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