Our vision is a world powered by clean energy

Our mission is to help our world transition to a low-carbon future by accelerating the production of renewable gases.




A sustainable development model that integrates economic growth with social and environmental responsibility is what we all need to work towards at Xebex.


Today, we are providing clean technology solutions that deliver low-carbon renewable gases, and we strive to do so as efficiently as possible, in keeping with the resources available to us.


Offer low-carbon fuels through significant expansion of our renewable natural gas and hydrogen solutions

Create a Cleantech Service Network to support the growing number of renewable natural gas and hydrogen installations

Focus on profitable growth for a sustainable future

Kurt Sorschak

” Sustainable development ultimately aims to address the major challenges we face, for a fairer, more prosperous world. As a company, I believe that one of the most significant roles we can have is addressing the growing wealth gap by redistributing the wealth we create to our stakeholders, and particularly to our employees and their families. “

Kurt Sorschak

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

Focusing on issues
that matter



The issue of climate change is core to Xebec’s mission of helping our world transition to a low-carbon future by accelerating the production of renewable gases. Our business strategy involves meeting the growing market demand for energy-efficient and low-emission sources of energy, servicing new customers and maintaining strong revenue growth and operating profitability. We intend to be a facilitator in the rapidly evolving global energy transition space.



Energy is an input in industrial product manufacturing, stemming mainly taking the form of electricity consumption and fuel purchases, so managing how our energy is sourced and how much we consume is part of controlling costs as well as any potential impacts from regulations or taxes on fossil fuels. At Xebec, energy management is part of an overarching preoccupation with efficient use of resources and materials.



Approximately 20% of employees work in manufacturing. They face health and safety risks from exposure to machinery and equipment. Employee safety is a priority at Xebec, and we continuously conduct health and safety meetings and improvement actions.



Fuel economy and emissions in use phase are important characteristics of our cleantech products. We believe our gas purification systems are the most energy-efficient on the market. To maintain our competitive edge, we must remain vigilant and make sustained efforts to continuously improve our technology and solutions in the rapidly evolving renewable natural gas and hydrogen fields.



While we design all our products, our manufacturing activities mainly involve assembling gas purification units using third party-sourced components and materials. We are working to strengthen our procurement practices in several ways and we are developing a global procurement policy and strategy, which we expect to have completed by the end of 2020.



The remanufacturing of equipment and components may offer opportunities to cut costs by reducing raw material purchases or strengthen relationships with customer by better meeting their need for parts, as well as helping them divert resources from wase disposal or recycling channels. In the medium term, we will be looking into opportunities to increase the reconditioning of components as part of our after-sales service.

Xebec ESG Report

August, 2020

This report describes our sustainability approach and the steps we
are taking to manage our material environmental, social, and
governance (ESG) issues. The report covers the fiscal year ending
December 31, 2019 and applies the standards of the Sustainability
Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

ESG 2019 Report - Xebec


We are industry leaders in maintaining the most up-to-date accreditations covering everything from ISO certifications to various pressure vessel codes. Our team of dedicated professionals ensures that all certifications are current and compliant with customer product requirements.


We are proud of the recognition we have received as
leaders in the transition to a low-carbon economy:


  • CEO named Clean16 recipient for 2017 in the Clean Technology category
  • Export Development Canada (EDC) recognized Xebec as one of the most innovative Canadian cleantech companies in 2020 (see video below).


Xebec’s goal is to profitably grow revenues and earnings and build a sustainable business that will drive long-term shareholder value.

Over the years, we have invested heavily in research and development to develop technologies that deliver cost-effective, low-impact solutions for the generation and purification of renewable natural gas and hydrogen.

The increasing awareness of climate-related risks and the global movement to transition to a low-carbon economy is providing us with opportunities to generate tangible economic value.

We expect to continue to benefit from favourable tailwinds in the coming years:

Composant 8 – 1

The recognition of climate change as a global systemic risk, driving a transition from fossil energy sources towards renewable, zero-carbon energy


Continued build- out of clean natural gas refueling infrastructure in the U.S., Canada, and Europe combined with rapidly increasing demand for renewable natural gas as a transportation fuel

Composant 10 – 1

Implementation of low-carbon fuel standards driving demand for renewable natural gas and hydrogen as a low-carbon transportation fuel and establishment of renewable natural gas assets

Composant 11 – 1

Increasing demand for small-scale decentralized hydrogen production and purification solutions for fuel cell applications in transportation and industrial applications

Composant 12 – 1

Hydrogen purification technologies poised to experience robust growth in the U.S., China, Japan, Canada, Germany, and India in refining and electronics industries

Composant 14 – 1

Increasing demand for compressed air and gas equipment across the food & beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries that can deliver cleaner, purer, oil-free, dry and sterile compressed air, combined with the trend in reshoring industries to North America

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