Hydrogen Purification and Generation

Xebec by Ivys’s H2X Solutions efficiently upgrade hydrogen-containing reformate, petrochemical process gas streams and refinery off-gas streams to pure and ultra-pure hydrogen. Ivys Adsorption provides the most compact, economical and reliable PSA systems available today.

  • Compact, skid-mounted. Fast-Cycle PSA, enabled by rotary valve, allows the unit to be 5-15 times smaller than a conventional PSA.
  • Easy operation, simple control, flexible range. The whole unit is operated, controlled and adjusted with a single rotary speed input.
  • Highly reliable rotary valves. Eliminating over two dozen high maintenance solenoid valves. Long life span seal, with 5-year intervals between servicing.
  • Advanced PSA design. Triple equalization 9-bed cycle and gradual flow ensure high recovery and long adsorbent life.
  • No need for surge tanks. Simultaneous production of 2 beds eliminates product pressure and flow fluctuations.

Compare the conventional PSA
to Xebec by Ivys’s PSA footprint:

1Conventional PSA | Xebec by Ivys’s PSA2

Fast-Cycle PSA enabled by rotary valve allows the unit to be 5-15 times smaller than a conventional PSA. It requires a fraction of the footprint of conventional systems.


Project Management

Ivys Adsorption’s approach to project management is to consider each project as a distinct entity, integrating all components involved in the project and viewing it from a holistic perspective.

Guided by our Project Management Office, we provide extensive industry experience with a comprehensive set of project management processes, techniques and tools. We collect, assess and understand our clients’ priorities and leverage our extensive experience to plan and implement each phase efficiently, with a focus on cost, scheduling, quality and safety.

At Ivys Adsorption’s, we believe that successful management of our overall performance through our client-focused and holistic approach will allow us to achieve our goals of superior service and long-term partnerships.

Service, Maintenance
& Operational Support

To ensure total client satisfaction, Ivys Adsorption offers aftermarket service and maintenance contracts tailored to customer requirements. We provide:

  • Service and Maintenance Activities
  • On-Call Support – Troubleshooting
  • Unplanned Corrective Intervention
  • Emergency Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Supply of Consumables
  • Training in General Plant Operation and Operator Training

Fully skid-mounted and factory-loaded with adsorbents, our systems are available in a range of sizes and market applications. We also offer proven quality and reliability at the lowest ownership cost. Many of our systems are already installed in numerous facilities in

Asia, Europe and North America